Workers from packaging in 2012, before our equipments changed and our process improvements. Back then our work used to be slower, hand made and less efective, which has improved with new packaging.

TWT Inc. Panama started operations in the Republic of Panama in 1983, an Its activities are oriented towards the process- ing and marketing of fresh, frozen and pre-cooked seafood products. 

Located in the district of Chepo, some 60 kms from Panama City, with a permanent sta of about 100 employees, TWT Inc. Panama has at its disposal equipment of the latest technology and innovation that garantee a high performance level and, at the same time, the high quality standards required by our costumers. 

The output of the company’s R & D’s Department is continously strengthened by technical advance from national and international experts in the eld of product development, quality and culinary aspects. 

In addition to a quality assurance laboratory which takes care of the relevant microbiological and phyto-sanitary analysis of raw materials, supplies and processing facilities, TWT Inc. Panama ensures the e ciency of its operations and the highest quality standards of the end products with up-to-date facilities. On the issue of environmental protection, TWT Inc. Panama counts with adequate facilities to properly manage waste products and sewage. 

TWT Inc. Panama is certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Panama and the operations are carried out according to the approved HACCP Plan. 

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